Continuing to Pioneer

In 1996, extrameasures teamed up with Visa and introduced a Gift Card for consumers. Customers said goodbye (and good riddance) to having to deposit a check and they welcomed the convenience of cards accepted as widely as Visa debit cards.

Although this initial venture was in the consumer market, extrameasures quickly identified the market where the company could have the most impact: the B2B arena. So in 1998, extrameasures launched its first B2B incentive product for a major telecommunication company. The program replaced unwieldy bill credits with a simple, convenient Rewards Card. The appeal to both our client and their customers exceeded everyone’s expectations. An effective, new marketing tool for retaining and incentivizing customers was born.

Over the years, we have duplicated––and improved upon––that early success. Today, extrameasures is honored to be considered both a pioneer and a passionate innovator in the Reward, Rebate and Gift Card industry.

extrameasures was acquired by Blackhawk Network, a leading prepaid and payments global company, in 2016. Along with Blackhawk’s industry leading incentive solutions, extrameasures is able to offer their customers and partners more extensive reward, rebate and prepaid programs.
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